Parallel & Perpendicular Lines - . identifying and graphing march, 2011 ms. adler. begin. review: parallel lines. We will do proofs in two columns. In the left-hand column, we will write statements which will lead from the given information (the given information is always listed as the first statement)...
a point on a line. Find the length of a vector or the distance between two points. Find the nearest point on a line to a point not on the line (often the origin) – note: not in your textbook! Show lines are perpendicular. Show a point lies on a l ine. Show 3 points are collinear (i.e. lie on the same straight line)
This page is for the 1-9 GCSE with first assessment in 2017. Topics arranged by grade The A*-E 2016 Specification
Write and apply proofs about parallel and perpendicular lines. Proofs involving lines with slopes that are equal or opposite reciprocals of each other.